How Blondie and the Beast began

Good morning ! I just wanted to share a few things I have learned along the way of building our website and setting up our blog . First off it can very intimidating as you start off not knowing much about web design but relax it get easier ! I will just tell you about my personal experience . I had wanted to do social media marketing for awhile and had started a youtube channel so I could have that platform when I was ready for it .  I used our name Blondie and the Beast to start a twitter page, instagram, facebook as well as our etsy store in order to get our brand out there and noticed and then I decided to move forward with the website … and I LOVE having it at my fingertips whenever I want to share and thought you might be interested in how I did it ! First off I started researching how to start a simple blog and from that I was completely intrigued and had to know how it was done . After a few simple google searches I was off to the races . I started by brain storming what I wanted to say , what I wanted to share and would anyone read it ? Finally I decided who cares how many followers I could get and lets just give it a try as a hobby and something to entertain my brain . I started by choosing a web host and from there I  bought the domain for my name  (VERY important first step so that you are sure to get the one you want )  Once I had my domain I was free to do with it as I wished so I decided on a platform and signed up with wordpress and that opened a whole can of worms that was endless with design ,and themes, banners ,sidebars , plug ins and so many more that I could list but won’t bore you with my blabbering. Once I had my account registerd and linked to me web host all I had to do was create what I thought to be nice website where I could write my blog . I chose my theme ( I’m currently using “ultra” ) A theme is simply the layout of your website which you can totally customized with your own pages ,titles, galleries or any other content you want to add . It is all able to be added to at any time or rearranged as need be . You are going to spend hours tweeking the site before you are happy with it and that’s ok, it is your site and you want it to be easy to navigate and inviting to your readers .  Once I had pretty much decided I was happy with it it was time for add ons , I was sure to add all of  our other social media links with what they call a widget , basically a button to click with the facebook or twitter logo in it so all readers have to do is simply click and be directed to your other pages .  I also signed up with an email host that manages my site and subscribers . Once you subscribe to my blog ( on the righthand sidebar for anyone that hasn’t done that yet  wink wink !) you are notified with a simple form letter email that lets you know  that I have added a new post . I also registered the blog with pinterst as a business  and you wouldn’t belive the amout of traffic that began almost instantly !  With all of that being said it leads me to another topic that weighs heavy on my mind daily , making money online from home . There are endless number of oppurtunities where the internet is concerned . If you can imagine it I’m sure it exsist all you have to do is find the right avenue to lead you to it . I have a few ideas I am persuing and hope to share with you all soon but until them here is a link to just a very few ideas to get your mind going . There are so many things you can do , the only limitations are the ones you put on your self . Wish me luck and I hope you will follow my progress and offer any advice . And be sure to subscribe to our blog and I will do my best to give you all fresh content and share anything I find worthy of a good read .

Until next time…Cheers !