Sunny and 75

It is a beautiful day today ! Saturday and the end to a long week . As I set here listening to Monty snore on the other end of the couch during a late afternoon nap that he totally deserves I am planning sunday breakfast for tommorrow . The dogs are napping and I have the sprinkler going to give the yard a boost of energy since the weather is so nice . We had a great week at work and I have been doing a TON of reasearch on the blog in order to make it great for you guys ! If you didnt know already we have a youtube channel that I started not to long ago in order to share videos of our travels . please go over to YOUTUBE  and SUBSCRIBE !!  , I will leave a link down below !! Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed the small amount that I have posted so far and I am SO ready for summer and trips to have more exciting things to talk about and videos . Please be patient and keep reading !

until next time…cheers !