Keep your eye on the sky

With tornado and storm season coming  it is going to be in  your best interest to be prepared when traveling . I am the first one in my house to throw on a football helmet and a set of goggles at the first sight of bad weather and lord get out of my way if the tornado sirens go off ! But at home most of us have the safety of a basement or storm shelter available but what if you were out at your favorite camping spot and mother nature desides to  takes a turn for the worst ? Most state parks will always have a emergency shelter of some kind , rather  that be a public building, shower house , or simply a bathroom . You should always ask the park ranger or attendant at the registration building where those shelters are know the way there in case you need to high tail it in a hurry . It is also a good idea to keep fresh batteries in a weather radio and a flashlight and any emergency supplies ready to grab up on your way out the door . Common sense would tell you to NEVER stay in your RV , motor home , or tent . Stay off of the water at the first sign that a storm is moving in and pull the boats and or jet skis out in case of waves and rocks you dont want damage .  Lightning is a angry demon and does not discriminate when it come to zapping ya . Be sure all members of your family know of a meeting spot after a storm in case you get seperated . Also a good practice to put  the cell phone on a charger if bad weather is possible that way you will definately have a way to communicate if need be, if your a re camping with now electrical hook ups they do have some really cool solar cell phone chargers on the market right now . Remember that if you travel with your dogs they get nervous too and a dose of benedryl can definately help them to stay calm and much easier to handle when in a tight area with other people . I hope you all stay safe and have beautiful weather but just in case be careful and just be prepared so you wont have to panic and scramble without a plan at the very worst time of a storm .

Until next time … Cheers !