Ready for a road trip !

Hey guys , I just wanted to write today about taking a road trip !!!!! So exciting , we have a 40 foot motorhome so we travel differently than some others may in the fact we don’t stay in a hotel . So I thought I would share a few things we have learned in order to be ready to hit the road . Once you have figured out a destination the planning begins . First thing I would suggest would be to check the local weather where you are going for the timeframe you will be there so that you can pack accordingly and plan your activities . Once you are ready to start your  check list think outside the box , If you are going to board your animals or have a family friend check in on them be sure they are familiar with eachother since the pets will already be a little confused as to were the humans went and be sure the caregiver knows of any meds they need or nervous habits to watch for. Once the fur babies are takin care , pack the most important things first as to not forget them (medicines, emergency numbers etc. ) and of course pack the cloths for the season and the weather that is expected and always pack extras because you never know ! The basic bathroom bag is self explanatory . Now the prep work begins , I am a list maker and without it I would I leave the house with my purse and not much else, there is a story of our first lake trip of the year that my kids still won’t let me live down which I forgot milk, hamburgers, and of course the dog food , all of the important stuff ! First and foremost , SAFETY on the road , always have your vehicle or RV serviced and all the fluids and tire pressures checked and it is always a good idea to bring along a roadside emergency kit . Once you are road worthy it may be a good idea to call your insurance agent and just double check your coverage for road side assistance and towing in case of a break down on the highway and be sure to carry all required documentation for such coverage . You should also  call your bank and give them a heads up that you will be traveling and ask for a adjustment on your daily spending or ATM allowance on your debit cards and just so that they know so that your account doesnt get flagged for suspicious activity and you are stuck out of state with no funds . Once the important calls have been made you can plan the fun stuff . You can google the area you will be visiting and find a tourist guide or event calendar that shows all the festivals or fun events coming to the area and call ahead to make your reservations or order tickets and find the best restaurants around . Take into account the possibility of a rain day and have a plan in motion just in case so you aren’t bummed when your out door hiking trip falls through . Getting ready to hit the road and it is easy to forget the stress of the road and the tempers that can flair when everyone gets restless and ready for a break but don’t take it personal just remember you are about to have blast ! If you are traveling with kids be sure to have things to do to keep them busy on the ride so you don’t have a total screaming break down and have to leave one of them at the nearest rest area . As for us we have a teenager so she is pretty self entertaining unless of course there is a unexpected dead battery on the Iphone then the safest thing to do is give her food as a peace offering and keep the tantrum at bay . Speaking of food , we always pack plenty of snacks and easy to eat food for the ride and stock the fridge with things in case we need to have lunch or dinner while on the road and don’t want to stop at fast food . Just a few more things to bring along are road map , flashlight, batteries, and if I can give you the most important advice of all… bring extra toilet paper !! I will leave a link to my road trip board on pinterest that has some really good ideas too .  Safe travels !
Until next time … Cheers !!