Summer lovin

What do you do with your summers ? Do you plan an annual family vacation with the kids ? Do you hate the heat and choose to work long hours and go home to the A/C ? The kids are out of school and getting restless and it’s time for some R&R !! It is important to spend time with your family and friends and relax while you have the chance . We have our RV and love the trips to the lake and plan on a trip soon and just relax and regroup . It doesnt have to a long trip with a ton of highway miles staring out the windshield , it can be grabbing a tent and cooler and heading out to nature to just be centered and forget the hussle and bussle of daily life and set along the water and just listen …. listen to the waves slapping the rocks and the leaves wresting , birds singing and look up and just imagine how tiny you really are in comparison to the sky and clouds and suddely your prolems aren’t nearly as huge as they one seemed . Take the moment and breath deep and figure out how to fix your situation and make a solid plan and I promise once you cleanse your brain of the static of everyday you will feel better and more confident . As a kid we never took a family vacation , instead we spent alot of time at the local swimming pool or the occasional trip to the lake with the parents and their friends . I can still feel the massive sunburn on my shoulders as we crowded into the pop up camper with sand in the sheets  no A/C ! We try to get away with the kids but with only one still at home its pretty hard to get everyone in the same place at the same time and that is fine , we all have our lives and we make the best of the time we do get to be together . Anyone else empty nesters that are new to just being the hubby and you on trips ? pros ? cons ?  I have spent timeless hours reseaching the best places to visit that are close enough to not spend most of your vacation on the road and actually getting to enjoy and be able to see beautiful things and eat great food . I have a few ideas and counted the miles ! Take the time to enjoy if you can and if not that’s ok too , even a day trip can be healing and prepare you for the work week ahead . Step out of your comfort zone and throw the kids in the car and go see something , your kids will remember it when they are left behind when they are grown and who knows maybe they will love it and carry on their own trail . And if it is just you and the hubby love every minute of it . You have taking your adult years to raise the kids and provide for them and now it is your turn and without regret  YOU DESERVE IT !  Set back and relax and enjoy the summer and once it gets cooler out head the other direction . Be sure to wear sunscreen, sun your buns, and live on .

Until next time …Cheers !!