Obsessed with success

I have found a new mode of motivation , my family. I have always excelled in the things I have set my mind too and wanted to make everyone proud . And now that I have done that it’s time to plan for the future . I have takin on the blog and also our online stores and can see advances so far and I am ready for the next step . I have the most amazing husband and support group he is so patient and motivating  every step of the way , He never lets me doubt myself and stands behind me no matter what . We are almost empty nesters with one baby bird still at home and honestly we have had kids for so long it will be an adjustment at first but im a confident we will  settle into the idea in no time ! We bought our motorhome with the idea of traveling and seeing new things and experiencing every thing we have put off . Which brings us to here, we are both in our 40’s and by no means independently wealthy , I have a few irons in the fire as of now to make a living via the internet and am more motivated than ever to make this happen for us . The blog is still small and like with anything it takes time to prove yourself and gain the trust of  those willing to  put their faith in me and give me the chance to prove myself to them . My kids now believe I can do it , at first I got a few eye rolls and smirks but they have now seen the progress and are just excited as we are. I have made some really great contacts that are full of valuable information and I have put myself out there no matter how far out of my comfort zone it may be . I have tried a few different projects with no luck and I will just keep chugging along until one day I find the perfect match for us and can say WE DID IT !  Monty says spent many hours listening to me ramble on about different ideas and approaches I want to try and he always just sets next to me holding my hand and being very attentive and nodding his head and agreeing even if he has no idea what I am taking about he never says a negative word and for that I am the luckiest girl in the world . He also has some really good ideas that we are putting into motion and taking all of the proper steps to turn into reality so as I may be the one writing all of the blog post and doing research he is by far the silent partner ! I give credit for our success as he does me we are a team and a dam good one ! I will update on any progress and also share and leads that i can to help any fellow bloggers just starting out like us and as always we welcome and advice you may have . Our information is in the “contact” tab on the home page and will always answer emails or a tweet !

Until next time … Cheers !