My beast , my soulmate , my bestfriend

Ladies if you have an amazing man in your lives hold on to him . I personally have what I consider to be  the best , I swear the man has to be some sort of saint to put up with all of my crazyness . They say true love is hard to find and even harder to keep but as long as there is a mutual respect and the love is deep your hearts can overcome any obstacles . Our story is different in the fact that  it started when we were kids and dated and then  lost touch for many years before reuniting and starting over and the rest is history . Many families join together to form one blended family and that is a huge accomplishment when it flows smoothly , granted there are always going to be sibling rivalry and the normal arguments .  I can honestly say I feel like I chose the perfect second father for my kids . He has never treated them any different than his own and has always showed them the respect that they show him and for that I can’t thank him enough . As for myself , he truly is my soulmate . He knows my mood without asking and he knows when I need a little extra affection or when I may just need some space to myself and he never complains . Heck he even finshes my sentences .He is one of the most intelligent people I have ever known and has taught me so much about life in general and the way of the world and the fact that the noone owes you anything if you want something go after it  . He has a way of encouraging me to be a better person and to strive for success without judgement . All he ever wants is for me to be happy and will stop at nothing to ensure I smile and laugh daily . A commitment is something special between two people that is not to be taken lightly . Couples these day are so quick to marry young and view divorce as a quick fix rather that stand tall and face their issues as a team . In my opinion young adults today need to be shown a better example of what a healthy relationship is supposed to be like ,What happened to the  idea of staying together and celebrating 60 or 70 years of marriage ? Todays society thinks it’s ok to sell them selves short  of finding love and loving someone back as if they  aren’t worth it , everyone deserves to have someone to share their lives with and have a companion they can stand beside and be proud of . In our relationship we still set beside one another on the couch and hold hands in the car and never let a day go by that we don’t  say I love you numerous times . Our kids joke that we are “relationship goals” and I think that’s awesome that they see us happy and would like to someday have the relationship we have . Our house is crazy most days with all the the laughs , jokes and shenanigans that go on on a regular basis and I swear a normal family would think we were insane if they could see inside  our walls when we are just being normal and I wouldn’t have it any other way . Life is short , enjoy the ride and love your spouse and be thankful you have found that special someone too love you back .             I love you Beast … Blondie

pinky promise