To go solar or not

I have been doing my research on the option of going solar for the motorhome . I guess we will weight the beneifits and make a decision if they would counter the cost of the actual solar set up . If you were planning on going total off grid I think it would be a definate must  .  You would have the freedom to go virtually anywhere the roads allowed with out the worry of looking for a full hookup sight or making reservations ahead of time and insuring they have a 50 amp power supply . I have been looking at pricing and as with anything there are a wide array of kits ranging from DIY and affordable to a professional install with very very expensive options . But you wouldn’t want to spare the cost when it comes to your power when it comes to your safety and the comfort of your RV of the risk of loosing groceries or air conditioning . There is of course a back up generator to take over when the solar power isn’t available . Do your research and make a educated decision on what is best for you and your situation . I for one will be learning alot more about this and I’ll keep you updated !

Until next time … Cheers !