Mental health will drive you mad

How much is your mental health worth ? We as a society have become so obsessed with money and material things as a trophy of stature that we have forgotten how to relax and enjoy our lives . I for one am guilty of it , I got into a habit of working a ton of overtime to where now I have myself convinced that I NEED to work that much because I have become accustomed to the money that is brings . And as a double edged sword I complain about not having the extra time . So I have decided to make a change . We have turned down invites because we have to work . That is basically telling your friends and family that they arent worth the amount of money that you would make for those extra 2 hours on a paycheck . Would you ever look at your child when they asked you to hang out and ask them  how muchthey  are  going to pay you for your time  ? virtually that is what we are doing when we choose work over a social life . Is that newest pair of shoes or handbag worth the time away from home working overtime to pay for it ? It is time we stop being spoiled and be content with the simplest of things to be comfortable , as long as you have a safe home and plenty of groceries you should be glad , there are many that don’t even have that . Personally we have more than enough for our needs and although we love our big house and “toys” in the garage we would gladly give it all up for a more simple life with no stress .  Technology is the same way , We can set on opposite ends of the couch and not talk for a good hour as we both have our faces in our phones while we complain about the lack of time to excercise , imagine if I were to  be on the treadmill for that hour or doing a excercise routine .  Moral of the story is that your happiness is worth more that your bank account . If you can laugh with your family and go to bed everynight with a clear conscience your are wealthier that you think . I came form a pretty poor childhood with not many material things so as an adult I felt like I needed to HAVE things  and give my kids everything that I could when in fact they have always had plenty and it was me giving them the extras that I thought they needed . They only needed my time and the essentials . As we are all grown now we look around and see how spoiled we are and are greatful for our accomplishments and don’t have the sense of entitlement as we know how hard we worked to get this far . So I guess the saying been there done that comes to mind , now I am ready to scale down and enjoy more of my time not worrying . I am going to pay myself  from now on with down time instead of overtime . My family deserves more of me and less  material things . Please take a break today and just set without your phone or tablet or laptop and have a conversation with your spouse or kids , take time to excercise and be heatlthy .We will all be suprised at the amount of happiness that will come form just a slight change in schedules and I’m totally looking forward to it !

Until next time … Cheers !