The great river run

charger Good morning , It is saturday and beautiful out . Lets start with a little back story , Monty has a Ram charger that he has gotten as a toy and project .  Apparently it is a bad ass according the guys that also have these “toys” it is setting on big ol tires and runs like a striped ass ape.  So ….. they all get together and go down to the river and do a “river run” which basically means grab your coolers and hit the river , there are trails and different areas and you go a ways then stop and drink and hang out and whatever.  Well he has asked me to go numerous times and i am such a chicken I always say no , until today … I figure he always does anything I ask him to do regardless of what it is so I am stepping out of my comfort zone today and putting on my rubber boots and jumping up into the Lock Ness Whiskey Wagon ( yes that is the official name ) and heading out to the river to see what all the hype is about , i cant lie and say im not a nervous wreck but all in the name of love I will go . I am taking the go pro and the video camera to get some good footage hopefully and I will post them here and also on our youtube channel , if you haven’t already subscribed please do so ! I will leave a link to our channel below . Wish me luck and I will post again when I have my feet back on solid ground at home .

Until next time… Cheers!