Keywords and meta and blog posts oh my

I started this blog as a way to share our stories and travels and yummy food recipes  and to just express myself in an literal way, and then I started learning all about the ins and outs of the world wide web and the foreign language of search engines and keywords and traffic and blah blah blah ….. I was totally shocked at the overwhelming amount of  videos on youtube and google searches on the subject of generating traffic to my blog . Good lord … my  head was swimmng with all of the information I was trying to process . But once I payed attention and let it soak in and realized  that it wasn’t nearly as confusing as I was making It I settled in  and can say that I mildly get it ! First thing I did was download google analytics and  registered my website with them and took the virtual tour of how the site worked and what all they tracked and analyzed and why it was important for me  to know that information .  It is important to track your traffic so you can see where it is coming from , for example , did the most traffic come in from facebook or twitter or in my case pinterest .  That lets me know that if I share lets say a recipe , I know that that type of post is best shared on pinterest as well and I would put it on my facebook also that  so my friends could see it without having to physically  log into my blog but the link will take them directly to it . But if it is a fun story about my family which most of my facebook friends all know then that post would of course be best to share on my facebook only . Pretty simple . But what I was having such a hard time with was the use of  keywords and why they were important to google . I’m still learning this phase and the google analytics will help with that once they have enough consistant content to create an accurate graph of my traffic and post subjects . I  can look back at that graph and see which keywords are and are not good for me readers . Once I more or less understood that I moved on to SEO ( search engine optimization) which is eccentually the ability of others to find your website on each different search engine and there is actually a ranking system which I can not in good faith explain to you right now until I understand it fully myself . I will post a update on that when I have all the answers . I have however highlighted each subject with definitions to make it clearer to you if I haven’t done so . Last but not least is what they call meta tags, basically a short discription of what your content contains and what the search engine should focus on, lets say  when someone is looking for an article on RV traveling and you have a nice blog post on the subject and you have “tagged” your post with the said keywords then google will know that you have that  post on that  subject therefore adding your website to the search results and depending on the amount of posts you do on that specific subject determines where your website will rank (like I spoke of earlier ) in that particular search engine . I have read thousands of words trying to learn the science of it and it is exhausting . There are people just like you and I that have done the research and totally understand it and they have made hours of video footage dedicated to all of this that they have uploaded to youtube which I don’t have direct permission to share so I will just say if you go and do a search in youtube get your glass of wine and be ready for information overload ! I hope I have opened a door for you all to get ready to understand the behind the scenes of a website and how the all intermingle together to make it all happen .

Until next time …Cheers !