Love Thy Neighbor

I am not usually a spiritual person for my own personal reasons but as my last  blog post revealed I lost my son as I feel because  of that I have become more patient and  forgiving. Not because of some cloud parting epiphany but because I see now that life is too short and I don’t want to waste any more time being angry or hateful . I have spent many years judging others not because I felt superior but because I was impatient and thought “what an idiot” get out of my way I have things to do, and now I step back and say to myself what is there situation ? What are they dealing with ? People probably pass by me on the street now and not knowing me from Adam or the pain I now carry , I don’t wear a badge that says hey guess what … I prefer it that way, I don’t crave the attention . In the past week there has been two instances put before me where I was in the position to help a total stranger and expected nothing in return but the gratitude on their faces was payment enough . It felt really good to reach a hand out and touch someones elses heart when they had no idea mine was still shattered or of my story , that in itself helped me heal just a little more . I hope to move forward in life a little more forgiving and understanding by learning how someone can be as normal as I am and be crushed inside fighting their own demons and if I can brighten their day just a smidge by offering just a simple act of kindness then so be it . I will be on the look out for others with a frown or a defeated look and will always try to help even if it is with a simple smile and a hello . I hope you all will do the same and keep in mind we don’t always know each others stories so let’s not prejudge and become a much friendlier nation and help one another and remember … Always stay humble and kind.

Until next time …Cheers !!