It’s official

As I told you guys yesterday we went to the river for the “river run ” and I LOVED IT !! Im officially a new born river rat . It was so much fun , it wasn’t nearly as dangerous as I thought . It was just a steady pace following eachother down the river and there was a few spots where the water was a little deep but we all made it and had a blast ! We stayed into the evening and it was a little windy for a fire so we opted out on that one but all in all it was a great time . Met some new people and hung out with friends . The amount of camaraderie down there is amazing , It was so cool to see everyone look out for each other along the way and helping whoever needed it regardless if they knew them or not . There are lessons to be learned from people like that , nice to see it still exsist. I am still editing the video footage so I will post it as soon as I get it all put together .

Until next time… Cheers !