Ready to fall into fall

The summer has been brutal with the tempertures but soon fall will be among us .  I love it !! hoodies and cooler weather and pumpkin spice everything everywhere . The colors of the leaves and the smell of the air.  The smell of fresh baked bread and pumkin pie . Halloween is fun to see all of  the little ones still dressing up and having a blast and then it’s on to Thanksgiving and over eating with the family and putting up the Christmas tree while shopping online and patiently waiting for the UPS guy everyday as he delivers things you had totally forgotten you had ordered  ( not that I’m guilty of that or anything) . Before we know it we are ringing in the New Year and by then it has been cold long enough and all we can do is think about the spring that is right  around the corner and complain about tax season  blah blah blah … It is a vicious cycle that never ends .  Summer seems to be the time families take vacations , I have been thinking of changing that up a bit this year . We had our amazing trip to Colorado last month but it wasn’t enough ! I am ready to grab the atlas and draw a line from point A to point B and take off . Most tourist type places are busy the summer months which only makes sense to visit in the off season . What do you all do in the fall and winter months ? travel ? hunker down at home and stay warm ? go to the beach where it’s warm ? sounds like a good idea to me . I think we should  become snowbirds and giggle ! Or become gypsies and get lost along  Route 66 . I hope everyone has enjoyed their summers and are ready for cooler temps like me , it’s time for the kiddos to go back to school and the public pools to close for the season and it’s on to the next . I am glad you all have stuck around and continue to follow my post it really is a great platform for release . We are coming up on almost a year already that I have built this site and I can say it has been trying but so very worth it !

Until next time …Cheers !!