Part Time Work and Fulltime Fun

I started my blog as a hobby and a way to express myself and as the days go by and the bigger it gets and the more I learn the more I see others making money from their blog . WHO KNEW ?? so i started reseaching the possibilities and granted these ladies are ruthless and are hitting it ¬†hard fulltime and are way more knowledgable about it than I , but I have learned alot from a facebook group I am a member of and it is all bloggers and we all ask questions and share successes as well as failures we can all learn from eachother . I have a family and a fulltime job so I blog when I can and it entertaining and now I have learned about affiliate programs , and sponsored post and ads and thing that people use to make a living and kudos to those doing it full time in their pajamas at home with their kids and some day it may happen but until then I’ll continue to do my thing and learn the best strategy to to market our brand and we have a few irons in the fire with ideas and until the proper trademarks are in place I will leave you in suspense ¬†!! In the meantime stick with us and thank you for helping us grow and I truly appreciate all of you and your kind words and now I plan to step it up a bit and not only learn but also understand exactly how a successful website is ran !

Until next time …Cheers !!