Jumping Back In

The smell of fresh coffee and the sounds of nature with the birds chirping  and  leaves wrestling in the breeze is the cheapest form of therapy . It is just you and your thoughts and your free to dream or imagine anything your heart desires or simply reflect on past events or smile at the memories that pass through your mind . As I set here this morning alone I am free of worry or sadness Instead I am excited of the endless possibilities that lye ahead ! I have a beautiful healthy family and we are a strong unit ,there is nothing we can’t do as long as we have eachother . The future holds nothing short of what we can imagine we can achieve and that is alot !! Don’t like your situation ? Change it… you are in control and you CAN do it . Life is too short to spend your days making a life you no longer have the time to enjoy . Wake up everyday and live simple .. don’t work 70 hours a week to afford the brand new cars and the fancy home that will someday be empty once all of your baby birds leave the nest . Instead take the time now to enjoy all the things you can see ,everything that your eyes can possibly take in while you are young enough to fit it all in . I am jumping back in full force and I am ready to take control and mold our lives to what we want them to be and when it comes time to settle down and enjoy our wonder years we will never have to say “what if ” or “I wish we had ” . Today is monday and the start to a brand new week that give me 7 brand new days to to do something amazing with and I plan on not wasting a second of it . I hope everyone has a great week and keep your eyes out for more fantastic blog post coming your way . Go hug your kids and your family and tell them you love them and from my home to yours .

Until next time …Cheers !