Going off grid

When you set back in your chair and just think about your favorite place to live where does your mind take you ? Most would think of a big fancy house with a pool on an island or in the tropic . I must be odd because I would choose and nice piece of land with plenty of trees and a spring or river that we could harvest our own trees and build a cabin and a nice big ┬ábarn and dig a pond to set by and watch the sun go down . A place totally secluded and lacking the sounds of town , A place you can wake up and set on the deck with you coffee and watch wildlife stroll through the back yard and hear nothing but nature . Have a nice big garden to grow your own veggies and chickens and the dogs could roam free and explore every corner they could find . THAT is my idea of a dream home . I have done extensive research on the subject of a “homestead” and have learned it isnt near as far fetched as most would think , rather simple to accomplish as long as your are willing to work hard and sacrifice the daily hustle and believe me there is no doubt in my mind that we could do it !! So dont be suprised when one day we sell off all the assests and buy a big chunk of land and dissapear !! The only decision would be which state ? If you have dreams follow them until you achieve them and never let anyone tell you that you CAN’T . Once you have a plan all that is left is to execute it and smile when you are finished.

Until next time …Cheers ! cabin_and_pond