Hoarder tendencies

Summer seems to be the time to clean out  the garage and the closets and declutter  the haul of winters treasures I  just couldn’t live without   ..  I MAY be a borderline hoarder !!! But in my defense I do not live alone. Over  the course of the winter months the garage takes some abuse when it comes to storage and organization , when summer rolls around and it is time to drag the mower out for the first time you raise the garage door and realize the could be a family of wild beasts living in there and you wouldn’t know it through all of the life jackets, umbrellas, jetski and the rest of the mountain of objects stacked in there like you were playing a giant game of jinga the past few months  . All you can do is shake your head and grab a adult beverage and commit to the long tideous job of sorting and stacking in the driveway . Once you get in the heat of the battle you realize you have 9 gas cans , 14 lawn chairs 3 rakes and some things you dont even realize you had bought . Now is the time for the seperation anxiety to set in as you argue outloud with yourself just as to why you need to keep every single thing . It isn’t until you turn aroung and can no longer see your car at the end of the driveway do you give in and  decide to let some of it go before your husband threatens to sell you to the highest bidder . Take a deep breath ….. you can do this. I turned to pinterst for some good storage ideas which I will link here .  Just go at it one item at a time and honestly ask your self if you haven’t touched it in the last 6 months do you really need it ? and if the answer is no then ask your self is it a donation or a garage sale treasure . once you have overcome the freak out from letting go it’s time to restock the garage with all of the lucky little keepers that get to stay . Think about it as a strategy as to what to put where , meaning the mower will be used more that the christmas decorations at this point in the year so don’t put it in the back corner . once you are all done and it looks nice again threaten your entire family to not mess it up and smile like a psycho so they know you are serious and set back in your lawn chair with another cold adult beverage and just bask in your victory and fully plan on doing it again next year .

Until next time …Cheers !!