Camper dogs

Our dogs are very adapted to the lake life . I swear they know when it’s time to go and they wont get 6 inches off of your ankles to insure that they aren’t left behind . We have an elderly chihuahua (11 years old ) “Mimi”  and a boxer (8 years old) “Roxy” that are very much spoiled and they love the lake .  Be sure to check the leash laws at your local lake or reservation you are visiting  our dogs usually free roam unless there are other dogs close by until we let them get aquainted and be sure of the temperment of the other dogs . Always take plenty of food ,treats, water,  meds if necessary and even a dog safe first aide kit because you never know what could happen and would hate to be caught without the proper thing to care for you fur children .  Mimi likes the water and Roxy is just now starting to get used to it , she is a huge baby when it comes to being cold . If you plan on taking your dogs boating it is a good idea to get them lifejackets just like you would any other passenger just in case they decide to take a swan dive with out permission . Also think about the fact that mosquitos can carry the infected larvae the cause heartworms so be sure to spray the dogs with a dog  approved bug spray or there are plenty of homeade recipes you can find on pinterest or anywhere on the world wide web .  Something else to think about is other campers who dont have dogs , I mean we as dog owners all know the risk of a open trash can or unattened dinner plate . Just watch that they aren’t nosing around someone else trash bag and getting into something that they shouldn’t or could hurt them .   It is probably a good idea to keep someting in your camping supplies just in case the frisky pup tries to get a little to friendly with the local skunk… We had a couple next to us last year that let the dog out after bed time and didn’t know he had been sprayed and let him back in their camper and you can imagine to hell they went through not only to get the dog clean but also to get that smell out of the camper . When you are ready to leave the lake and head home be sure to not leave your dogs piles of “suprises” for the next camper and always check the dogs extra good daily for ticks especially if you are in a heavily wooded area . I will leave a link below for a bug spray I found on pinterest and as the weather is warming up Happy Camping !

mimi roxy