Colorado dreaming

We just got back from a family vacation to Colorado and let me tell ya ….. Amazing !   I had never been to the mountains and I was completely awe struck with the beauty and the vast size of them alone but then I got to see up close and personal all of the nature and lakes and I can’t even discribe the views and the sounds of the waterfalls and the birds and just the serenity I felt being there .  Ok lets back up just a bit . We packed up the coach and headed out for what was a roughly 7 hour trip to get there and that alone is a blast with the fam ! We of course jam out to the radio and I enjoy “adult beverages”  while the Beast is the captain and drives . The kid is usually face deep in her phone texting and snap chatting but she also joins right along with the crazy parents and we always have a good time .  We pulled into Colorado a little after 10 pm and got the coach all set and ready to house us  for our stay .  After a good nights sleep our son , who is a local , picked us up and we drove to Estes Park and as the typical tourist we stopped at the sign on the way up . The first thing I noticed was the driving and the curves and I must say I was freaked out ! They all went so fast and the roads were like hairpins and I realize that is normal for the area but it didn’t help my anxiety being in the back seat . Once in Estes I instantly fell in love with the area , the shops and the mountain view and just the whole vibe of the place . Everyone was so friendly and welcoming and I couldn’t help but notice how clean it was , they really take very good care of it and respect their land and that isn’t common these days in most areas especially a tourist town .  I will be mentioning the restaurants we went too and will be linking the info in the names of each so you can all see the website and menus . First stop for lunch was to a place called “Locals Grill” in downtown Estes I would describe it as a cafe type of place , very good food and the service was friendly and the prices were really good .  I wont give you a play  by play of our days but I would like to hit the highlights for you and share what we seen and experienced . After lunch in Estes we drove further north to Rocky mountain national park and went for what seemed to be a 9000 mile hike up the mountain to see more sights and a  few of the beautiful lakes , I will admit that you dont’t realize exactly how out of shape you are until you get into the higher altitude and head up a mountain . The first stop waymph lakes bear lake just at the base it was crystal clear and you could see mountains on all sides of you and the reflection in the water was amazing .  Next we headed further up the mountain to nymph lake and it was equally as beautiful and it was covered in lily pads with bright yellow flowers that had bloomed on them and it truly was a awesome sight to see the mass amount of them all in one place and by this time this old girl needed a break so we sat on a bench under a tree for just a bit and took tons of pictures and caught our breath before finishing the trip up even further to dream lake and once we topped the ridge and the scenery opened up to the most beautiful place I have seen thus far , I was literally speechless , all I could do was look around and soak it all in and shake my head in disbelief that such a place exsists. Once I got over the mere fact of just how tiny we really are as humans and how amazing mother nature is I was able to enjoy it and set down and just embed the view to memory . It was time to head back down the mountain which by the way was MUCH easier than going up . We stopped at a sweet little waterfall and cooled off before going the rest of the way . As we left the mountain we decided to drive into Boulder were our son will be attending the University of Colorado next semester and wanted to see where it was and see  the campus , it is HUGE and very well kept grounds and appears to be pretty busy with students roaming around. As we came into town the Flatiron mountain range  is the main focus and just as beautiful as the rest of the scenery . That was enough for one day and after a nice dinner we crashed like toddlers . Up and at it for another trip to Boulder for lunch at “The Sink” which I discovered by googling local restaurants the had been featured on the show Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives . My review on the place would be stellar ! It had the coolest vibe to it and every wall was painted in a theme undiscribable other that character art and graffiti and the entire ceiling had been attagraphed by thousands and thousands of guests of the years , the wait staff was great and the food was delish and the beer was cold . Needing to walk off our lunch we headed over to a local area called Pearl Street  which is a small shopping and restaurant area that lines a few blocks downtown and it has tons of shops with arts and gifts and just novelty items and just about anything you could think of while being entertained be street performers and music on the corner and panhandlers laying around with signs the simply read “for weed” (hey at least they are honest ) .  There were numerous outdoor patio restaurants and bars  where you could set and enjoy the surroundings and a drink or get a full meal .  Over all very unique area and the culture is amazing .  A quick dinner at “Red Robin  and the day was a success . One last trip up to Estes was in order before we had to leave Colorado .   The Stanley Hotel where they filmed the move The Shining is also setting in Estes in all her glory and regalness , we stopped in and  walked through and seen the giant stair case which seems much bigger on film and all of the other rooms we were allowed into and few we weren’t ! And just so you know there is no big tree maze outside   just in case your father goes nuts and you have to get escape . But it was really cool to see and they offer package deals as well as events and tours if anyone is feeling brave beings they have reported many paranormal sightings there by the guest .  An early lunch on the roof top of  “The Chelitos “ mexican restaurant  was the next stop  , the food was good the service could have been better but overall it was worth another visit if ever in the area again . We shopped until we dropped all along down town and came to rest at a  cool little outside bar called “The Barrel”  , They had live music while we were there and we introduced ourselves to the married couple that formed the group You Knew Me When , super cool people they are kind of a folky sound I would say and just jive well together , they are also on Instagram and Twitter as well as the Facebook page I linked before , they definatley deserve a follow and all social media . Waking the next morning knowing we had such a long drive home we opted for brunch in what used to be the old bank in downtown Louisville called “The Huckleberry” , Amazing  mimosas and homestyle cooking for a nice big breakfast , the food was delicious and the service was also good , it was a cute place with outdoor patio seating if you so chose .  We said our goodbyes and loaded up and headed back home with a lifetime of memories we will not soon forget and a ton of pictures to remind us if we ever do . I would say we had a pretty dam successful vacation and we are stoked to map out the next destination on the map . Not a usual blog post for me but I did want to share with all of you a new place that maybe you would like to visit if you haven’t already .  I would love to hear any feedback if anyone else has gone and has any suggestions for us for the next trip . 

Until next time … Cheers !!

dream lake