Close your eyes and jump

As you can see we got a new facelift on the website ! As with everything in life things get boring and mundane and eventually we fall into a trap of repetition and things  becomes “normal” . Well not anymore !!! Its time to love it like your about to lose it .  Do something crazy … do something so out of your comfort zone even you have to say “what the hell did I just do” . Have no regrets or “wish I would have” moments .  I am so sick of the same old thing day after day , we have 365 days in a year and when they all start to run together you know it’s time to shake things up !  stop trying to please everyone and put yourselves first for once. Who cares what others think , what’s the worst that can happen ? They judge you ? so what , none of it matters in the end anyway . I am s tired of seeing people treat others bad because they don’t agree with their decisions .  Take a chance …. jump into that business venture you have dreamed about , take a class , nothing is going to change unless you change it . It is exhausting just living to pay bills and learning to adapt to  your surroundings . I for one am so set in my ways that I struggle with change but I am determined to get over that  . There are so many choices on new things to try that the hardest part is deciding which one to try first and if that one fails try the next one . I have been so emotionally drained since loosing my son that I had no interest in changing but now I realize more than ever that that is exactly what I need ! I will be doing some research into different options and I will keep you updated ! I need something fun and challenging and totally different and I am looking forward to the adventure . Do yourselves a favor and really ask your self if you had one week left what would you do ? Would you go bat shit crazy and risk it all or be sad and scared ? We are all worthy of a good life and we need to remind ourselves more often to enjoy it and not get stuck in the “normal” . I challenge you to do at least one thing this week out of your comfort zones and I’d love to hear what each of them are . Now if you will excuse me I need to get busy chasing the change !

Until next time … Cheers !!