Buying your own piece of paradise

This blog will be more like information I have found by doing research on buying land .  Firstly, be sure of the Deed, the are different types , the warranty deed is most common which is basically the seller guarantees he has the right to  transfer  all titles and ownership of the property to the  new owner  including all easements , water, access roads, etc. A quick claim deed is another option in which there is no guarantee of back taxes being owed or actual land survey of property lines of record of last owner ( that is what I understood it to be when researched it )  obviously you want the warranty deed . Second, Utility and water access . Be sure if power can be ran to your land , Regardless of where the nearest power pole is in regards to your property the city can refuse to run a line if it means too much work to maintain or service it for them.  Also check the cost of the power being installed and if your easement allows for the actual pole to be installed . You must have a permit to drop a septic system and it must follow local code and have final inspection . If there is a creek running through your land be sure to go to the city and find out who ACTUALLY owns it , even if it runs through you property and it is a run off for the city you can not touch it . Third , Be sure how your property is zoned . If you plan to build a house it should be zoned residential and if you plan to farm or plant it should be zoned agricultural as well . If you plan to just use it for boondock camping or hunting and no utilities being ran it can be zoned as recreational .  Fourth , Mineral rights, that is a whole other demon . I have just started learning about this but basically be sure that you own the mineral rights because even if there are no useful mineral there now who is to say there wont be in 10 years and if you don’t own the rights then the city or state has full access to your property to extract said mineral and to use any means necessary to get it even if that means bull dozing your beautiful house you have worked so hard on . Any way I hope this gives you a start of things to research to protect yourself and your land . I have alot more to learn and I will have a hand full of questions to ask any one trying to sell me some dirt with a bunch of trees on it . Do your homework and don’t be afraid to ask or second guess the seller .  I will keep you up to date with the things I learn and hope you will leave me a comment if you know more or have experience !

Until next time… Cheers !