Blog about it and they will come

First off , Thank each and everyone of you that has subscribed and helped our blog grow . I have recieved so many comments and  such nice words about what I write and it makes me feel good . I didn’t imagine it would take off like is has and I can now smile knowing I did it . You like me , you really like me ! At first I wasn’t sure if I was going othave a following or not since it isn’t a crafty blog or a mommy blog and I am just me and write about random things . But it is such a good release and I plan on working on it more now that I know you guys will read it . I have a arsenal of recipes to put up and of course the usual goofy stories and I am so excited to see it grow even more . I’d be interested in hearing some ideas that you have or advice on a topic or project . Stick with me and lets do this !

Until next time…Cheers !!