Taking back America

It is with a heavy heart  that I set down and put my hands on the keyboard searching for  just the right words and there simply are none . The news and media are flooded with the reports of Orlando today and the speculations of what happened and the pictures of loved ones that will not make it home to their families and it is such a shame what our nation had turned too , I’m not a political person as I am not educated nearly enough on the subject, not because I don’t care to learn but  but simply because I don’t care if you are a democrat or a republican or whatever other party the goverment has arranged . We are all simply AMERICANS and as a nation we have fallen apart and turned on our neighbors because of race, religion, sexual preferance, or and other reason one can find to judge another and it is sickening . Shame on us for allowing ourselves to be so weak and unwilling to stand back to back to take back what is supposed to be the greatest nation . There is a 305 foot tall  woman holding up a torch and a tablet in new york harbor that is to resemble the freedom of america and her declaration of independance . With the 4th of July coming up soon we should all remember that we are not our own enemies unless we so choose to be and so many have made that choice . There are so many debates over gun rights and mass shootings and it always comes back to the “assault rifle” killing people …. NO mentally ill or deranged people are killing people and falling back on the second amendment as a security net . I have inserted a article on that subject for anyone who is unfamiliar . These people are slipping through the cracks and I dont care how strict they try to make the gun laws or the punishments for not abiding by them , folks will always find a way , especially if  the thought of hurting a group of innocent people is their intention. And it’s not just guns being used , the Boston marathon was a bomb as was the Oklahoma City incident and the stabbing that never made the media explode as it should have . I don’t care what religion you follow or what flag you fly but in America we fly Old Glory  and ask for  that  to be respected and and if you choose not too then  politely dont share our soil . This is my blog and all opinions are my own and in no way am I asking anyone to share my beliefs but I am asking for peace amongst ourselves and to stop spilling innocent blood . I hope you all have a great week and if you are  a praying person please say a few extras for all the families effected this week .

Until next time … Cheers !