America matters

I am saddened by the fact that  our nation is falling apart . We have become divided by race because of  the media and the way they have  portrayed each of us in their news stories and they have the power to choose what they report and can edit anything to ensure we see  only what they want us too see and because of that they have created a paranoia against assault rifles and all  guns in general in order to promote stricter gun laws only because that is the idea of the men of power in order to disarm America and make us weak and vunerable . That pisses me off , we are a nation built on freedom and they are trying to strip us of that and they are having a hard time so they are (IN MY OPINION) creating senarios that are promoting gun hate and terror amongst the people and turning us against eachother by telling us we should be affraid of guns . We shouldn’t be affraid of guns we should be affraid of guns in the hands of the wrong people . Guns don’t kill people , humans kill people and personally I am very thankful for my gun that I have the legal right to carry to protect myself and my family . If you don’t agree with the gun laws or just don’t like guns don’t buy one , but please don’t try to change things for those of us that don’t share your opinion .  The shooting of the officers in Texas have started a whole string of protest across our states that have the potential to turn deadly and yes they are claiming to be civil and organized but come on … people joining together in a large group all trying to prove their own point and opinions can turn on a dime . When you have people walking down a interstate blocking traffic that is a recipe for disaster in many ways , the officers are there to protect us and themselves but when you have a group of people in mass that outnumber them and they are already holding a grudge against them because of what the media has reported and stirred up in order to cause ” a situation” yet again and is it convenient that the news reports and outbreaks of gun violence happen just after something else they don’t want you paying attention too ? maybe , or maybe it is just a great big coincidence. I keep waiting for the conspiracy theories of the actors from sandy hook showing up in Dallas and Florida at the club  , I really hope not and I wish we were a nation united again and stop allowing the media to drive a wedge between us . Ask your self this , If you were a person of african american decent and you are at one of the protest against the police officers and things get out of hand you get injured and the only person that could save your life was a white policeman , how important would the protest be at that moment ? Would you turn away the medical help to prove your point or would you take the help and accept the fact that  we are all equal and the violence is nonsense and we need to stand together and save our country . To all of the officers putting on your badge every morning and kissing your families good bye as you walk out of your homes , Thank you . Thank you for risking your lives over things that are  out of your control and striving to maintain order in our communities . I am not stereo typing anyone , and I am not  grouping any race or saying just because you are black, white, asian, indian, red , blue or purple that we are all acting the same as everyone of our same skin color , Im saying please be careful and look around at all of the good we have and stop with the violence and love yourselves as well as your fellow Americans .
You all know I am going to speak my mind and again these thoughts are all my own and in no way am I asking anyone to agree with me .  All lives matter .

Until next time… America