Woman “your age “

Ok ladies , It’s time to get real for a second . I have a new doctor and I absolutely love her , she is very kind and helped me with my migraines and a few other issues and when we first met she wanted to do a ton of test just to get established and have all fresh medical history, so with that being said . She started referring to everything as for “woman your age” . Now I undersand that I’m no spring chicken anymore but come on I am only 41 and I don’t feel old . am I suppose too ? Is that why she says it like that ? Did i miss a memo ? I would much prefer that she said “woman as pretty as you ” we would both know what eachother meant but we wouldn’t have to bring up the age thing !  Age is a number not a disease I shouldn’t be freaking out . She ordered test to be done on every organ I have and took gallons of blood it seemed and short of a brain exam I had the full work over and she gave me a clean bill of health . I am happy and healthy and maybe my body isn’t the same as when I was 20 but that’s ok I wear my age proudly . Granted there are a few more grey hairs when my roots grow in but I’ll just keep dying those babies and go on , I haven’t fallin apart completely, I dont have mass amounts of wrinkles or crows feet and even if I did so what I earned all of them I promise ! I guess maybe I have that little bingo wing but nothing worth fretting over and my butt may not be able to bounce a quarter off of it anymore but it is still worth a second look and I took “preventitive measures” with the girls up front and gave them a face lift if you know what I mean and I must say they are doing alright !  I guess doc was doing her job and taking my health seriously and I appreciate that but I did give her  the stink eye when I thought she called me old but now I understand why . Ladies if you are my age be sure to get your mamograms and take good care of yourselves your family deserves it . And if your doctor says “woman your age” just think to yourself that she really means woman as pretty as you and smile . I think you are all beautiful no matter our age group we have to stick together !

Until next time … Cheers !