Invest in yourself

I want to be self sufficent ,  self motivating , free from schedules , while working  from a bench in the sunshine while barefoot .  That brings me to a thought.  What would you do if you had the opportunity to work for yourself and offer financial security while enjoying life on your own terms and schedule ?  Have you ever thought about it or allowed yourself to dream or are you comfortable in corporate america punching a time clock while be a prisoner to debt ? If money were no object are you willing to give up all of lives modern conveniences and live life by the seat of your pants and land wherever the wind blows you ?  My answer is YES !!  These days there so may pyramid schemes that are blinding people into believing they will get rich from a patch or a mascara and guess what , they fizzle out over time and you are left with inventory that you can’t give away at a garage sale . The only way to self wealth is to work for your self on your own ideas with your own passions . Ask yourself a few questions to determine your path you will take to success .  Have a serious heart to heart with your family and decide just what you are willing to sacrifice , if anything at all .  Do your homework and think about all aspects when it comes to what kind of work you want to do .  Produce a product ? web based? inventory ? investment ? the list goes on and on . Keep good records and take your time dont just settle on an idea without researching all angles of it and the pros and cons . Once al of the stressful stuff is done have fun and let your imagination run wild and get creative .  This is your future and it should be takin seriously and without doubt .  Best advice to give you is not to share with friends or family until you are ready to launch as to not let any negative comments or ideas deter you from fllowing through . Grab a pen and notebook and jot down your ideas and RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH .  When you are ready, close your eyes and imagine yourself on the edge of a cliff over looking  raging water with crashing waves and the sun on your face with your arms out reached as far as you can and take the leap and trust that your courage will be your wings and you will fly .

Until next time … Cheers !