Invest in mental not material

The old saying “keeping up with the Joneses ” is such a sad story .  As a spoiled nation we have chosen to believe in the dream that money is what we all need and strive for when in fact it is the poison that is tearing families apart . For instance there is a wife somewhere feeling neglected at home while her husband is spending  14 hours a day away from his family working to afford the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed  .  He comes home exhausted and all she can think  of is how she would love a hot bubble bath away from the kids alone and all he can think about is how all he wants is a nice warm meal and to relax .  Then after maybe a hour or two together spending time with the kids that he never sees because he is too busy working to provide , it’s time for bed and to get up the next day and do it all over again . It is a vicious cycle that most of America has fallen into .  When in fact if we all looked around and decided what was actually important , we could all be much happier with much less . I am a prime example , I have a 12×12 spare bedroom that my husband has hung numerous shelving units and hanging poles for clothes that is now my closet . It is AMAZING and I’m very lucky to afford such things along side a very impressive collection of designer handbags that I rarely use  . We have a home that is double the square footage that would actually be sufficent for our size of family and yet we have filled it , including the garage, with “stuff” that we love and enjoy .  Once we realized all of the things we have collected that we no longer need nor use  it’s time to downsize .  I’m not sure where my need for things started but I do know now that I don’t NEED things other than the essentials to be comfortable and healthy .  We have raised our childeren to be spoiled and with the idea that life comes easy as long as you just ask for something .  I wont bore you with my personal plan to declutter my world , just know that it is happening !  I guess all I am asking you to understand is my point of view , would you concider an evening at home with everyone in the family on a different electronic device all setting in silence engaging in their own converstions online instead of eachother to be  more acceptable than a family dinner around a table where no phones were allowed ?  I wonder if I have finally become an adult and now realize I would much rather take a long weekend to a new place that  I’v never seen than to buy that new purse or outfit . I could spend that money on fuel or on maintenance so that I we may take  another trip down the road .  Once you decide you no longer need the big house or closet full of clothes of two living rooms full of furniture it opens up a whole new vison of possiblilties . You won’t have to work so hard or such long hours to afford the things you once thought you needed , instead you can relax a little and set back and breathe and really enjoy the things you do have as they are what’s really NECESSARY now and not just something  you liked  in the store window . Your time is more valuable that your material posessions, just ask your kids or your wife if they would rather have a few hours with you making memories or for you to have to go into work to afford to buy yourself that new set of golf clubs ? Now I understand with small kids it may not be as easy to downsize but it is possible to turn off the TV and the phones and spend time and for gods sakes don’t give them electronics at such a young age . Teach them that outside is a good place to be and how to communicate to eachother rather than how to text or how to beat the newest video game . Not only will they learn to be productive adults it would also cut down on childhood obesity which in turn will insure they stay healthier and  be happier .  The next time you are out and about to buy something ask yourself , is this necessary ? do I NEED it ? could I spend this money spending time with my family or simply putting it away for later ?  I am very spoiled and I am the first to admit it but I also now understand the importance of mental heath as opposed to material things .  Take a look around your homes and I guarantee you will notice just how much you have that you dont need or even remember buying , sort it out ,  have a garage sale , or donate to a charity.  Simply make room for a clearer conscience and positive mental state while loving eachother and yourselves and take a step back and enjoy life instead of having to work so hard to pay for it .

Until next time … Cheers !!!