I’M BACK !!!

Hello my friends !!! I have missed you so much .  Alot has been happening and I simply lost track of my focus but I’m back in full swing !  It is summertime and Iwill have lots to share with you as we go along . Lets see … where to begin ?  We now have a senior in highschool which brings brings tears to my eyes thinking our last baby isn’t a baby at all anymore , but  She has plans for herself and her future so for that I am proud .  And we have a grandbaby on the way !!!!!!!  I’m so freakin excited I can’t stand it . more on that to come alter as we learn more .  We haven’t gotten to travel as much as we would like but we do have plans too and will of course keep you updated with plenty of pics and video , hoping to hit the road soon and as usual we do have our pland to go to the lake plenty with the jet skis as that is our happy place !  On a side note I have been sharing recipes on here with written instructions and pics step by step but some of you may not know that we also have a youtube channel( CLICK THE LINK AND SUBSCRIBE ) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVvR4Yh9Uem1mPnALeBdq5A .  and I am contimplating doing our recipes on a video platform instead . Id like your feedback on that idea if you would . I just hate having the channel that we havent got to grow yet , our original idea was for our traveling and it just makes sense to use it for all of our stuff in one place .  I haven’t done much with it thus far but plan on it from now on .  I will try to schedule more regular blog post and will definately let you guys know when there is a new video up . I hope everyone has been well and can get out and enjoy your summers and see something new or go somewhere you have never been . Enjoy life my friends !!

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Until next time … Cheers !!