Life has been happening

Hey Guys !!! I know it has been a while since my last blog post but girl has been busy !  Not a specific topic this time but rather a overall update on our world .  It is mid November so we have had Halloween and a big cook out where our friends and family all came over and we carved pumpkins and just hung out .  I am prepping for Thanksgiving and Christmas, Yes me tree is already up and the shopping is ALMOST done !  I have been stalking Pintrest for new recipes to try but lets be honest , we will probably fall back to our faithful standbys . I am patiently waiting to get out the ugly Christmas sweaters until after Thanksgiving .  Some of you may remember that we got a new puppy . She is a boxer and her name is Maddie Mae , she is doing great and is fitting right in to our crazy household . Beast and I did take a trip to the lake once the weather turned a little cooler and it was amazing . Not alot of traffic and the cool temp was perfect with the campfire .  All of family and friends are doing great and I love that we are all spending more time together and making the most of our time . Our weather of really odd for November (mid sixties) Im hoping it will level itself out soon and get back tot he expected temps for this time of year . I could go more in depth on a daily or even weekly level but like I said this was just a chance for a overall update on where we have been and why the lack of post lately but I promise I will be posting more often and will be sure to bring you any new recipes that I find that are worthy . I have had a few recipe fails latey so we won’t mention those ! Any way … It was great to be back and I’ll talk to you all again soon !

Until next time … Cheers !!